CCSR ServicesPatients who visit the Centre for Chiropractic Sports and Rehabilitation should schedule a visit for more than just the care of various spine and neck conditions – they should care for their entire body. Through manipulation, soft tissue therapies, laser treatment therapy and acupuncture, Dr. LaBelle, Dr. Chen and Dr. Wong offer relief from nearly all of the conditions that bring patients to CCSR.


The treatment programs available at CCSR are offered with evidence-based health care in an ethical fashion. Dr. LaBelle, Dr. Chen and Dr. Wong are open to and encourage questions that patients have concerning their care. They will answer them based on their knowledge from well founded current research. If the doctors are unable to treat your specific ailment, or feels that you would be better helped with alternate care, they will immediately refer you to that alternate source.

The Treatment Programs at CCSR Include:

We Offer: