The Centre for Chiropractic and Sports Rehabilitation provides patients with Custom-fit orthotics that have been plaster casted in a non-weight bearing manner. Physical exam and gait analysis are also included in the 40 minute casting appointment. The orthotic material is chosen based on the wearers’ lifestyle and what type of shoes they plan to wear them in.

Once you have been casted you may choose to simply order new orthotics in subsequent years (within reason – i.e.: if you haven’t been examined in 7 years, its probably a good idea to have new casts made prior to spending the money on orthotics).

Children aged 12 and under are able to receive 1 free pair of orthotics if their feet have grown (substantially), in the 18 month period following their initial casting.

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The offered orthotics services and the associated costs are as follows:

40 minute exam fee – $60
Orthotic fee – $420

Please allow 3-4 weeks between the initial casting of your orthotics and expected date of pick-up and 2-weeks for pick-up of re-ordered orthotics.

All paperwork required by your extended health will be provided upon payment of orthotics – if there are company-specific forms that need to be completed, please bring them with you to the casting exam and your chiropractor will complete it for your claim.

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