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The Centre for Chiropractic and Sports Rehabilitation is a multi-practitioner clinic that specializes in taking a soft-tissue, therapeutic approach to musculoskeletal injuries.  With three chiropractors, two massage therapists and a stretching and mobility instructor, all of your bases are covered as far as your rehabilitative needs are concerned.  Your practitioners work together to ensure that you receive the care you deserve and are able to provide a referral to other specialists, pain therapy injections, imaging and alternate care if necessary.  Everything from initial examination and treatment to rehabilitation and self-care is readily available to you.

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The practitioners at the clinic have your best interest in mind; they will give honest opinions about your diagnosis, what treatment they feel you need (or don’t), and will offer advice should you choose to seek alternate care.  No question is stupid, and everyone, administrators included, is happy to answer any questions you may have.  The entire team at the Centre for Chiropractic and Sports Rehabilitation work to make your experience with rehabilitation as seamless as possible.  With both male and female practitioners, there is someone for everyone’s needs.

Our multi-discipline approach to injuries is especially beneficial to Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA), patients simply because they can get all of the treatment they need in the same location; massage therapy, chiropractic and rehab exercise all from the same place.  With the ability to directly bill your MVA insurance, as well as your own personal benefits (Alberta Blue Cross and Green Shield Canada in Section B of your coverage), all of your bases are covered.

Whether you choose to see a chiropractor, and/or a massage therapist for your MVA needs, your practitioner at the Centre for Chiropractic and Sports Rehabilitation will help you understand what you are entitled to from day one.  Your doctor or therapist will tell you what to expect from your treatment and with help from the administrative team, will make your experience dealing with your motor vehicle insurance as painless as possible!  We will help you with what you need from your insurance company, provide the forms that need to be completed, send them to your insurance adjuster in a timely manner and communicate with them as much as possible to ensure that you are able to receive all of the treatment that you need and are entitled to.

Generally, when you seek treatment following an MVA you will first be examined and a treatment plan will be laid out for you – based on a combination of what works best for your schedule, and what your practitioner feels would best suit your condition.  WAD I injuries are allotted 7 treatments following their initial exam, whereas WAD II (most common), are allotted 21 treatments within 90 days (Section A), following the accident.  These treatments may include chiropractic care, massage therapy or physiotherapy, but must not equate to more than 21 sessions in total.  At the end of this period, your primary practitioner performs another exam and will discharge you from treatment if you have returned to pre-accident status, or will request additional treatment from your motor vehicle accident insurance if he/she feels you have more room to improve (Section B).  In Section B the maximum coverage for chiropractic care is $750 and for massage therapy is $250, however, you must use all of your own extended health benefits prior to accessing these additional funds and a statement indicating that the benefits have been exhausted, is required.  Our administrative team is happy to coordinate with your MVA insurance once your benefits have been exhausted, in order to re-establish direct billing.

Common Questions

Can I switch my care to your chiropractors even though I have already started treatment elsewhere?
You can; however, most MVA insurance companies will not cover a second initial examination, so you will be responsible for the initial exam fee in order to begin treatment at this office.  As long as you haven’t exhausted the allotted treatment already, we should be able to begin direct billing for Section A moving forward.

Centre-for-Chiropractic-&-Sports-RehabilitationDo I need to receive all of my therapies at one clinic?
No; if you have another practitioner you would prefer to see for a different aspect of your treatment, you can.  It is then your responsibility to keep track of the number of treatments you have received and as such, if you go over the allotted 21 treatments for WAD II, you are responsible for any outstanding balances.

Do you directly bill?
Yes, direct billing to MVA insurance is provided in Section A as well as Section B, assuming extended health benefits have been exhausted.  Direct billing to Alberta Blue Cross and Green Shield is also available.

How long should I book for my appointments?
Your practitioner will recommend appointment times based on the findings of your initial examination.  It is likely that they will recommend 20 or 40-minute appointments depending on the severity/number of your injuries.

If you’ve been in a Motor Vehicle Accident and experience musculoskeletal injury, ranging from whiplash to something as little as foot pain, you will receive unbiased, professional care at the Centre for Chiropractic and Sports Rehabilitation.  Each practitioner will examine and treat your condition(s) regularly and provide you with educational material and rehabilitative exercises to speed you along your path to recovery.  Whether you just want to talk to your practitioner or even administration about your traumatic experience, they are always there to listen and help you through this difficult process.

For more information or to book your initial examination please give us a call at 403-282-8989 or email

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