For almost 7-years, Dr. Labelle has been treating me for various aches and pains that arise. His treatments eventually alleviate the issues. I feel fantastic and owe much of my current physical health to his care.
I continually marvel at his knowledge and ongoing desire to be at the leading edge of various treatment methodologies. Dr. Labelle treats the root cause of a particular issue rather than temporarily making someone feel better but leaving the underlying cause unaddressed.
Feeling very fortunate to have been referred to Dr. Labelle myself, I have encouraged others to seek out his treatment as well.
Thank you very much Dr. Labelle for providing a level of knowledge, service and care that few people are fortunate enough to have.

R. Catchick

Dr Labelle has been a tremendous help to me over the last 3 years.  I have come to him with a few problems that he has been able to treat effectively and each treatment has been extremely beneficial to me.
He is not the chiropractor that does the quick “adjustment” and sends you on your way.  He assesses your injury or complaint, then spends some time (while treating you) to educate you about “why” or “how” the problem happened and how he plans to treat it.
Another component of his treatment is to teach you how to treat and care for yourself at home.  Healing time is much quicker if you follow his instructions.  His recommendations include exercises, stretches, ball work, rollers, yoga etc.  This information has been invaluable to me for my healing.
Dr Labelle is very dedicated to healing his patients and teaching them how to care for themselves.
I’m very fortunate that my GP recommended Dr Labelle to me and I’m thankful that I have him as my Chiropractor.
I would highly recommend Dr Labelle and his team to anyone needing chiropractic care.

Lori Wakelam


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