The doctors at the Centre for Chiropractic and Sports Rehabilitation take a hands-on approach to each and every one of their patient’s rehabilitation. Treating an array of conditions experienced by anyone from elite athletes with knee or shoulder issues, to your Granny or Granddad’s hip replacement; our practitioners are not your average chiropractors. While many express hesitation toward booking to see a chiropractor for their musculoskeletal conditions simply because they expect a 5 minute visit during which they may receive an adjustment and a big bill, this is simply not the case at our clinic.

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Follow up calls are available to new patients, progress reports are sent to your family doctor and referrals for continuing care, injections and x-ray or ultrasound are available directly through the chiropractors.

Appointment times at our clinic range from 20, 40 or 60 minutes and accepting extenuating circumstances, the time you are scheduled is the time you will be seen by your doctor.

At the Centre for Chiropractic and Sports Rehabilitation it is our goal to get you better and if we don’t believe that we are the people to do that for you, we will offer you advice and will refer you to someone that we believe can make a difference.

Some of the treatments you may come across at CCSR with your chiropractor are as follows: Functional Release, Active Myofascial Release, Hands-On Manual Physical Therapy, Acupuncture, Low Level Laser Therapy and Rehabilitation Protocols.

The chiropractors at CCSR are able to prescribe X-Rays, Ultrasound, MRI (Private – At cost to patient), Cortisone Injections and they write regular updates on your progress to your family doctor.

WCB and Motor Vehicle Accident treatments are also available at CCSR.

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Common Questions:

What can you expect?
When you initially come to our clinic, your first visit will be 60 minutes, one-on-one with the doctor of your choice. During this time he or she will perform a series of Range of Motion tests pertaining to your condition in order to develop an understanding of all of your symptoms and their underlying causes. Sometimes you may even experience symptoms that you hadn’t attributed to your primary cause – Referral patterns you didn’t even know existed could be causing additional issues you thought were completely unrelated.

Once your doctor feels that he or she has collected all of the relevant information from you your treatment begins! Your treatment time will depend on what your doctor recommends based on the condition(s) you are having treated as well as what you as a patient want to book – your doctors are happy to adapt your treatment plan based on what you are comfortable with. The options are 20, 40 or 60 minute appointments during which you may receive a number of treatment methods including but not limited to hands-on soft tissue treatment such as Myofascial release, Instrument Assisted stripping of damaged areas (this is a non-invasive technique and you won’t ever be left in a room with an ice pack, or machine hooked up to you as part of your treatment time), two of our doctors are Acupuncture Providers and may recommend the use of Acupuncture as a part of your treatment. Occasionally your doctor may recommend an adjustment at which point you will both discuss the benefits and whether or not you want to go ahead with this technique.

When you have progressed in your chiropractic treatment your doctor will likely reduce the frequency and/or duration of your appointments and prescribe at-home rehabilitation exercises, stretches or releases so you can manage your condition on your own.

In the event you require rehabilitative equipment, check with us first! We have lacrosse balls, foam rollers, travel rollers, sitting aids, braces of just about every variety and many, many other items – and if we don’t have it, we can likely order it in or help you find a reliable, cost-effective option.

What does this service fall under with my personal health benefits plan?
While our practitioners take a soft tissue approach to your care, the treatment still falls under “Chiropractic” in your insurance plan. You will receive some treatment similar to what you likely associate with Physiotherapy, but our practitioners are Doctors of Chiropractic.

I am not an athlete; can I still come to your clinic for treatment?
Absolutely – while our practitioners have a lot of experience with sports-related injuries, their group of patients spans from infants to the elderly. No one receives preferential treatment based on their activity level because we believe everyone deserves to live a healthy, pain-free lifestyle – whether from the playing field or the living room recliner!

Do I need a doctor’s referral to see your chiropractors?
Anyone can book into our clinic for assessment and treatment. The only limiting factor here is if your extended health plan requires that you have a Medical Doctor’s prescription in order to receive coverage for chiropractic services.

Will my neck or back be cracked?
Not if you don’t want it to be! Generally, a new patient will not receive an adjustment as part of their first treatment even if they want to – because our approach is different to a lot of other clinics, trust your doctor when he/she tells you, you don’t always need an adjustment. For lasting benefits, often myofascial release is all you need; however, from time to time you may benefit from an adjustment – if this is the case, your doctor will talk to you about why he/she believes you need one and if you’re still not comfortable with proceeding, the matter will be dropped.

How long will my appointments be?
Your first visit will be 60 minutes, all spent with the doctor. During this time he/she will determine the best treatment schedule for your condition(s) and make a recommendation for your subsequent appointments’ frequency and duration. Subsequent treatments are generally 20 or 40 minutes in length.

Does Alberta Health Services cover Chiropractic Care?
No, unfortunately, AHS does not cover chiropractic care. The Alberta Blue Cross Seniors program provides $200 per year with a maximum of $25 per visit for seniors to receive chiropractic treatment. This year re-sets each July 1st.

Do you offer direct billing?
Currently, our office is set up for direct billing to Alberta Blue Cross and Green Shield Canada (as well as SSQ Financial). That being said, our practitioners are all fully licensed, so upon payment of your bill, you will be given an official receipt which you can then submit to your other extended health coverage.

What is the cancellation policy?
Our office requires at least 24 hours’ notice in order to cancel or move an appointment without penalty. You may cancel online, email our office or leave a voice message.

Patients choose to come to the Centre for Chiropractic and Sports Rehabilitation because they want to learn to help themselves. Our practitioners work hard to educate you and get you to the point in your rehabilitation where you can treat your condition at home, on your own, for free; they aren’t hoping to keep you booked in weekly for the next 10 years of your life. At our office the practitioners and administrative staff get to know you, take a real interest in how you are feeling and your progress. If you want to feel appreciated and see real progress with your musculoskeletal conditions, book now to see the difference a great practitioner makes.

The offered chiropractic services and their associated costs are as follow:

20-Minute Chiropractic Appointments: $50
40-Minute Chiropractic and/or Acupuncture Appointments: $90
60-Minute Chiropractic and/or Examination Appointments: $135.

It is our goal to get you better and teach you to self-treat your condition in order to manage its symptoms so that you don’t need to make a re-curing, weekly appointment for the rest of your life. In the event that your condition is not improving, the chiropractors at CCSR may refer you to another specialist to help progress your health. Let us help you be the best that you can be!

If you are coming in for your initial examination at CCSR, the following forms need to be completed prior to your appointment:


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