Chiropractic care at the Centre for Chiropractic and Sports Rehabilitation (CCSR), is meant to be all inclusive. We provide you with the most evidence-based approach to Sports and Spinal Injuries and will follow you thru diagnosis, education, treatment and subsequent exercise prescription to give you the greatest chance for a full recovery.

Chiropractic services at CCSR are not what you generally expect when you go into a chiropractor’s office. For your first visit you will meet with Dr. LaBelle, Dr. Chen or Dr. Wong and they will go through an extensive, one on one exam focusing on functional testing, range of motion testing and specific palpation in order to pinpoint your problem areas. Your doctor will explain your condition and his or her recommended treatment plan to you and answer any questions you may have regarding the process you are facing. If time permits, you will even receive your very first treatment as part of your initial examination at CCSR!

As far as treatment goes, Dr. LaBelle, Dr. Chen and Dr. Wong see their patients for 20, 40 or 60 minutes at a time. During this time they treat your condition with a number of treatment techniques, almost always focusing on a soft tissue approach with adjustments/manual manipulation on an as-needed basis – as discussed with you. Rehabilitative exercises and stretches are large part to your recovery. These exercises will be demonstrated and prescribed by the doctor or by a kinesiologist to allow you to take your progress into your own hands and assist in your recovery.

Some of the treatments you may come across at CCSR with your chiropractor are as follows: Functional Release, Active Myofascial Release, Hands-On Manual Physical Therapy, Acupuncture, Low Level Laser Therapy and Rehabilitation Protocols.

The chiropractors at CCSR are able to prescribe X-Rays, Ultrasound, MRI (Private – At cost to patient), Cortisone Injections and they write regular updates on your progress to your family doctor.

WCB and Motor Vehicle Accident treatments are also available at CCSR.

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The offered chiropractic services and their associated costs are as follow:

20-Minute Chiropractic Appointments: $50
40-Minute Chiropractic and/or Acupuncture Appointments: $90
60-Minute Chiropractic and/or Examination Appointments: $135.

It is our goal to get you better and teach you to self-treat your condition in order to manage its symptoms so that you don’t need to make a re-curing, weekly appointment for the rest of your life. In the event that your condition is not improving, the chiropractors at CCSR may refer you to another specialist to help progress your health. Let us help you be the best that you can be!

If you are coming in for your initial examination at CCSR, the following forms need to be completed prior to your appointment:


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