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If you or someone you know has been a part of a Motor Vehicle Accident or “MVA” and are experiencing symptoms such as whiplash, neck pain, other aches and pains, fractures, etc. you may choose to pursue the Alberta Motor Vehicle Accident Protocol for your examination and treatment of your injury(ies).

Your Motor Vehicle insurance allows you to receive examination and treatment of your injuries sustained in the MVA (you may choose Chiropractic or Physiotherapy, either of which may collaborate with Registered Massage Therapy). WAD I injuries are allotted 1-examination and 7 treatments (all of which can be 20 or 40 minutes in length at our clinic, or registered massage therapy), whereas WAD II injuries are allotted 1-examination and 21 treatments (the first 7 of which can be 20 or 40 minutes in length at our clinic, or registered massage therapy). These treatments must occur within 90 day of the accident date and the last treatment must be with your chiropractor so that a follow up report may be completed and submitted to your motor vehicle insurance company.

If your injuries have not been resolved during the allotted 90 days following the accident, your practitioner may request additional treatment (Section B), – you have 2 years from the accident date to receive this additional treatment. In the event that you require this additional treatment and you have your own extended health benefits, they must be exhausted prior to beginning direct billing to the Motor Vehicle insurance.

The maximum amount of coverage for Section B:

– Chiropractic Treatment is: $750
– Registered Massage Therapy is: $250

At CCSR we take you through all of this (often confusing), process. We will let you know what information you need to get from your insurance company, when to have forms ready to submit and will help you in any way that we can to make the process as easy as possible.

For more information or to book you initial examination please give us a call at 403-282-8989 or email admin@drlabelle.com